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FEDORA is God's gift to present to the children in mind, the brand is made with all sincerity.
FEDORA of customer tailored services for children in peace, safety and stability of three spirits that aims to make the product safe to use and showcasing. Also to be used safely committed to providing a reliable service.

FEDORA is a "social design" to accept the concept of your great ideas, Fedora supporters through research and design, product design, manufacturing and marketing products and processes to be applied to. FEDORA is to listen to the voices of all of your you want to make out with a product.

>> S9
Do you want White?
make a better World / no more Hurt / finding your Identity / bring a brighter Tomorrow donation for Emotional healing

- Supporting surviving program for babies in the Third world countries.
Travel system, Ergonomic self standing.

OPEN H 1010 x D 930 x W 610
FOLD H 950 x D 500 x W 610
WEIGHT 10.5kg

>> S7
Do you want Slim?

You can fold Fedora S7 by the touch of a button with one hand as it has smart sliding folding system that no other can mimic.
Deluxe stroller Fedora S7 will provide you amazing convenience and compactness as well as spacy stroller function.

OPEN H 1070 x D 910 x W 640
FOLD H 1060 x D 450 x W 640
WEIGHT 9.9kg

>> S3
Do you want Style?

Convenient both for mom and baby.
The safety and the convenience are basic things. Now it’s fashion for stroller!
Fedora S3, the style shines from head to foot!
Fedora S3 stroller will present you more imposing outing!

OPEN H 1085 x D 850 x W 506
FOLD H 990 x D 330 x W 300
WEIGHT 7.4kg

>> T1
Do you want Together?

Even a narrow path like elevator or revolving door is not a problem
Conveniently into a car trunk with an easy and compact folding
Don't let the stroller be a burden to your enjoyable outing together anymore.
Smooth handing, independent upslope angle adjustment, an easy & compact foling, Double pleasure, double happiness!
Fedora T1 presents an exciting outing.

OPEN H 1100 x D 700 x W 760
FOLD H 1100 x D 330 x W 440
WEIGHT 13.0kg

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