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Car Seat

FEDORA is God's gift to present to the children in mind, the brand is made with all sincerity.
FEDORA of customer tailored services for children in peace, safety and stability of three spirits that aims to make the product safe to use and showcasing. Also to be used safely committed to providing a reliable service.

FEDORA is a "social design" to accept the concept of your great ideas, Fedora supporters through research and design, product design, manufacturing and marketing products and processes to be applied to. FEDORA is to listen to the voices of all of your you want to make out with a product.

>> C0
Do you want Complete?

Fedora C0 designed only for the safety of newborn baby is the right answer for you.
Using baby car seat for newborn baby is compulsory in the safety-advanced countries and mothers are not discharged after childbirth without car seat prepared for the baby.

OPEN H 335 x D 740 x W 440
WEIGHT 2.9kg
Gr 0+ / ~10kg

>> C1
Do you want Comfort?

Fedora C1 provides comfort of mother's arm, considering even for infants' vulnerable skin.
Perfectly fitting pattern design for baby's body, soft fabric.. and the most importantly, it provides real comfort with the confidence in the safety.

OPEN H 560 x D 550 x W 450
WEIGHT 6.9kg
Gr 0+1 / ~18kg

>> C2
Do you want Carefree?

Re-purchase and equip individually every time appropriate to age and weight?
Fedora C2 car seat solve all this annoyance!
Fedora C2 car seat has all the features that your child can safety use from 9 months to 12 years.
Fedora C2 car seat will even give you freedom as a gift.

OPEN H 810 x D 515 x W 435
WEIGHT 5.7kg
Gr 1+2+3 / 9kg~36kg

>> C3
Do you want Castle?

Like the castle which defends itself against any attack.
Like the castle which stands still there as it is.
Fedora C3 will always keep your child safe.
With only this Fedora C3, No worries for the new borns and up to 25kg.

OPEN H 685 x D 588 x W 485
WEIGHT 9.3kg
Gr 0+1+2 / ~25kg

>> C4
Do you want Charlotte?

Is it possible to use Iso-fix in rear-facing position?
With the base fixed, you can assemble the seat in either forward-facing or rear-facing position.
That's Fedora C4 with Iso-fix child restraint system.
Iso-fix system, support leg and 5-point harness will protect your baby from any potential damages.

OPEN H 689 x D 560 x W 442
Gr 0+1 / ~18kg

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Car Seat

Car Seat

Car Seat

Car Seat